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How it works with us


how it works


Begin here- Understanding your business needs

With over 10 years of experience in the online presence field Omri Simon, owner, has created a unique approach of web design for online presence. The studio's team are made up of experienced and hungry designers, SEO freaks and crazy thinkers from a variety of backgrounds. This provides a healthy lab of creation for success. 


Plan with us- Choosing the right platform

Design is a trend thing and tends to changes with time. The better way to choose a platform is by understanding your business needs. We are expert partners with all major platforms; Wix, Editor X, WordPress, Elementor and Shopify - giving us the advantage of matching your website site needs to the right platform. 


Create with us - The ping pong method

Usually clients have in mind the exact website they want but they find it very hard to communicate the picture with designers. With developed a ping pong method to understand our clients in fully. this practice has proved itself in more than 99 percent of times both in re design websites and in building websites from scratch.


SEO - Get found of Google

Maybe the most important step that people tend to forget or just don't think about when starting a website. You can have the most amazing website in the world and still nobody will know about it. This is a common mistake and most web designers have zero clue about the importance of SEO strategy when creating online presence. With SalesRockets SEO strategy is taken in mind from the very beginning, so your website will not only look good, but so people can find it and tell you that themselves. 


Stay in touch- An ongoing relationship 

Our moto is keeping it simple, not just the design, UX and UI but also the editing. After project is finished we make sure you know the basic editing so you can be your own website master. and...if you ever ask our 100+ costumers they will tell you we are always there advice and questions, the relationship never ends!

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