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Interesting Web Design Facts That'll Blow Your Mind!

Last updated on April, 2020 by Editorial Staff 

The world of web design is weird and wonderful. We thought we'd share some super interesting facts with you which you can use to your advantage when deciding to create your next site! 

Two-Thirds of People Browse From Mobile Devices!

With the introduction of smart phones several years back, to the trendy tablet, you might not be surprised to learn that more people than not are choosing mobile devices for their browsing needs. In actual fact, more than two thirds of consumers prefer to scroll on their mobile device than switch on their PC's or flip up their laptops – so it goes without saying that your website needs to be fully responsive!

5.7/10 of Your New Customers Found You From Your Blog

A brilliant blog can go a long way! But you might be surprised to learn that over half or your new customers are finding you from your blog posts. So make sure you post regular, engaging content to keep the new clients rolling in!

There Are 3.8 Million Google Searches Made Per Minute

Yup, you read that correctly. 3.8 million searches a minute! With this volume of searches happening a minute, it's great news in terms of possibilities for new traffic to your site. With that said, make sure your website is fully search engine optimized to take full advantage of this.

It Takes Just a Few Milliseconds To Form a First Impression

Studies from the University of York show that between 33 to 100 milliseconds is all it takes for someone to form a first impression or opinion. And yes, that's how quickly someone will judge your website. The takeaway? With so many other options at their fingertips, make sure your website looks flawless from the first click!


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