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How to build a website in 4 steps 

Last updated on November 6th, 2020 by Editorial Staff 

We would tell you how important it is to have a professional website in today's world but you already know that so let's get right to it!


Plan your website

Most people skip this crucial step thinking they have their whole website planned in their mind but unfortunately for humans we usually can't bring our thoughts to action during a process and we tend to forget many things. In other words, planning is not only super important but will actually save us quite a bit of time and quite a bit of money.


Pre planning process allows us to get real-time feedback and properly plan the type of site we have in mind.


So how do you get started?


Before anything else, ask yourself what are your needs? In this initial stage you will examine what needs and expectations you have from your website and how you would like it to look at the end of the process. Make a detailed list of the points that are important to you. Think of sites that inspire and get ideas for your site. 


This phase provides you with options to make quick changes at minimal cost and is necessary before approaching the work of construction and design. 


Choose the best website builder platform for you-


Website builders are a perfect solution to start a website without hiring a developer. However, finding the right website builder today can be confusing for beginners. There are several options these days and it's important to know the difference between them in order to choose the perfect one for you. We wrote an article on the top website builders out there with a great compression- Top self website builders 2020


Build a visual language from the first moment-

All major brands use unique logos, fonts and colors that help them brand themselves and there is no reason for your site to look any different. In the process of building your visual language, you need to think of the contrast, shades and graphics that you want your site to display. We can promise you your visual concept will be in constant change, but it's still important to have a design vision from the very first moment.


Plan the big picture-

Imagine your website as one big map, take all the planning you did so far and create your website map. think about what pages you need and how will people navigate through your site. Remember to optimize the user experience on your website while presenting your business in a user friendly way. If you got this part figured out- the building part will be faster than you can imagine. This is why planning your website is so important. 


Design your website

Your website design should be tailored to your target audience, high aesthetics and lots of creativity are the keys to creating a great looking website.


When you think of the right design you have to think in terms of your target audience.

Don't forget, you are building a website for your customers, meaning, the visual language needs to speak out to them and the presentation of the brand’s values must be kept. Your customer profile and the nature of your business activity should influence the choice of colors, the choice of design and the overall look of your website. 

Design is an integral part of user experience

Creating a good user experience is an integral part of modern web design. The combination of the brand's concept, design functionality and ensuring easy navigation throughout the website will create the basis of great user experience.


Create your website

This is the part where your ideas and mockups get turned into the real, digital product. Be patient with this step, it will most certainly take more time than you planned. 


The mobile era

While most users are abandoning PC in favor of smartphone browsing, you need a website that will look great on any platform and will fit perfectly to all devices. Creating a responsive website will allow your business to be more relevant than ever and provide a quality browsing experience for customers.


Get found on Google

SEO - Search engine optimization


One of the most important parameters that affects your website’s position in search engines is the ability to easily navigate through pages.  Lately Google has officially announced that sites that do not support mobile browsing will not be ranked in the first pages in the search results.


An inviting and intuitive experience makes your customers visit the website more often. 78% of visitors to a website are more likely to return to a mobile friendly site (Google’s statistics). Saying this, navigation suitable in desktop and mobile devices is essential for user experience which translates to better SEO ranking. A smart person said lately- optimizing your site to search engines is in practice optimizing your site for users experience. 


Everything affects your search results rank

Creating a quality user experience also means an increase in Google search results. Although your main goal is to create an ideal environment for your customers, one of the important parameters in the field of SEO is the convenience of browsing easly through your site. A site with a high abandonment rate signals Google that there is a design problem on this site and causes Google to rank the site accordingly. 


Content is the king 

Nothing affects your SEO rank like good content. It is said that 70% of Google’s organic rank is content. Many kinds of content can work but here is a list of perimeters you want to follow-


  1. Effective and useful information with added value - the purpose of the content on your site should provide your customers with valuable information that enriches readers. 

  2. Keep it readable- pleasant and enjoyable reading will keep your visitors on site. Divide paragraphs, create headlines, follow basic writing rules. Don't bore your visitors and cause them to abandon your site. 

  3. Enrich your content- content is not just text with more and more words. Add fun to the reader- pictures, videos, illustration, graphs. 

  4. Don't try to sell- visitors are very sensitive to marketing content. Do not write or highlight products or services you offer, keep the content relevant and interesting, let you customers connect and relate to your brand's statement and story. 

And most important, never finish an article without a brief summary of what was reviewed in the article or a call to action. You already got a reader to read your article, you even got them till read all the way to the end, they are already interested in what you have to offer, all you have to do is motivate them to perform an action like-


You just read the 4 simple steps to create a stunning website you can be proud of, but if you don't have the time and effort to put in it let us do that for you (place here a call to action button) :)

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